Growing Carrots From Discarded Stems Super Fast, Efficient, High Yield

Materials you will need:

  1. Carrot tops with some green foliage attached (the green part above the carrot root)
  2. A shallow dish or container
  3. Water
  4. A sunny windowsill or a location with bright, indirect sunlight

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  1. Prepare the carrot tops: Cut the green foliage of the carrot tops, leaving a small portion of the orange carrot attached (about 1/4 inch or less). This small piece of carrot is used to anchor the tops in the water.
  2. Place in water: Fill a shallow dish or container with enough water to submerge the cut ends of the carrot tops. Place the carrot tops in the container, with the cut ends touching the water and the green foliage above the waterline. You can use toothpicks or small sticks to help support the carrot tops above the water.
  3. Provide sunlight: Put the container in a location with bright, indirect sunlight. Carrot tops need light to grow and produce green foliage.
  4. Change the water: Change the water every few days to keep it fresh and prevent rot. Rinse the cut ends of the carrot tops when changing the water.
  5. Watch for growth: Carrot greens should start regrowing from the tops within a week or two. As they grow, you can harvest and use the carrot greens for garnishes or salads.

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