SUPER POT PLANT FERTILIZER – Nutrients + Microorganisms

In the realm of gardening, the secret to lush, thriving plants lies within the soil. Organic fertilizing, an age-old practice blending art and science, offers a sustainable solution to replenishing essential nutrients and fostering a vibrant ecosystem within your garden. Let’s delve into the intricate process of crafting and applying organic fertilizer, unlocking the key to bountiful harvests and flourishing greenery.

**1. Crafting the Fertilizer Blend:**

To commence our journey, we begin by harnessing the power of nature’s composting process. A portion of worm compost, rich in beneficial microorganisms, forms the cornerstone of our concoction. Mixing it with a proportionate amount of immature compost and ripe banana peels initiates the creation of a nutrient-dense elixir for our plants.

**2. Infusing Vitality with Water and Sugar:**

In a harmonious fusion of elements, we add water to our compost blend, ensuring thorough hydration and mineral dissolution. For every component introduced, a careful balance is maintained – three parts water to correspond with our three-fold mixture. To further invigorate the microbial activity, a dash of sugar is incorporated, stirring the solution to homogeneity.

**3. Timing and Application:**

Timing is of the essence in the realm of organic fertilizing. Preparation of the nutrient-rich blend is ideally undertaken in the afternoon, allowing for overnight infusion and optimal mineral solubility. Come morning, the concoction is primed for application, providing a revitalizing boost to the soil and its inhabitants.

**4. Strategic Plant Placement:**

In the art of container gardening, spatial awareness plays a pivotal role. Leaving a strategic gap of 5 to 10 centimeters from the container’s rim fosters air circulation and promotes nutrient absorption. This simple yet effective practice sets the stage for robust plant growth and abundant yields.

**5. Ongoing Maintenance and Care:**

The journey towards a verdant oasis does not end with a single application. Weekly fertilization during the growing season ensures a continuous influx of nutrients and microbial rejuvenation. As the fertilizer permeates the soil, it nurtures not only the roots but also leafy companions such as basil, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

**6. Finishing Touches and Future Growth:**

As the final act of our organic fertilizing ritual, we meticulously remove any residual sediment, ensuring the purity of our application. With tender care, we water our plants, integrating leftover nutrients into the substrate and setting the stage for future growth.


In the intricate tapestry of organic gardening, fertilizing serves as a cornerstone, nurturing the soil and its inhabitants alike. Through the symbiotic relationship between art and science, we embark on a journey of sustainable cultivation, fostering life and abundance in our gardens. So let us embrace the wisdom of organic fertilizing, enriching the earth one plant at a time.

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