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Plants, particularly the beloved ajo, hold a special place in our homes. Taking care of them is easy, but in this article, we delve into three techniques to propagate plants that are not only simple but also yield incredible results.

**Technique 1: Single Leaf Propagation using Water:**
The first method we explore is the use of single leaf propagation, a minimally invasive technique. Selecting a healthy leaf is crucial; it should exhibit an intense dark green color, indicating its perfect formation. Carefully place the leaf in water, ensuring the water level is consistently about a centimeter above the base of the leaf. Patience is key as, after two weeks, roots will emerge, signifying successful propagation.

**Technique 2: Stem Cutting in Soil:**
The second and third methods involve a slightly more invasive approach, focusing on stem cutting. Preparing a sharp tool, cut portions of the stem, ensuring each segment has both apical and basal parts. It is essential to cut cleanly to avoid infections. Plant these segments in a pot filled with universal soil. Within two months, roots will develop, and the plant will start to flourish, showcasing a robust root system.

**Technique 3: Division into Small Portions:**
For the third method, we opt for dividing the plant into smaller portions to maximize growth. By separating the plant into sections with both apical and basal parts, each portion is then carefully planted. After a month, observe the base where a well-established root system will have formed, demonstrating successful propagation.

**Care Tips and Observations:**
– It’s crucial to use clean tools to prevent infections during the cutting process.
– The water level in the propagation vessel should be consistently maintained for optimal results.
– Patience is vital, as the growth process may take several weeks to months, depending on the method used.
– Healthy roots may appear dark, which is a normal characteristic, so don’t be alarmed.
– Regularly observe the base and stem to ensure the formation of a robust root system.

Propagating plants is a rewarding endeavor that allows you to witness the miraculous journey from a single leaf or stem to a flourishing plant. Experiment with these techniques, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a garden of thriving, propagated greenery.

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