Innovative Beekeeping: Building a Mason Jar Honey Harvesting System

Beekeeping has always been a blend of art and science, but a recent idea I stumbled upon on a beekeeping channel took this to a new level. This method, both ingenious in its simplicity and effectiveness, involves using Mason jars for direct honey collection.

mason jar

The Concept:

Traditionally, beekeepers use frames in beehives where bees store honey. However, this method introduced a different approach. Instead of the usual telescoping outer cover on hives, a piece of painted plywood with holes fitting Mason jars is used. This setup allows bees to build comb and store honey directly into the jars.

Modification and Improvement:

Inspired by this, I decided to modify and experiment with the concept. I sought a more durable and practical solution and consulted with my woodworking supplier, Pineapple Springs Woodware. We agreed that a thicker plywood, such as a half-inch piece instead of a thin laminate, would be more suitable for supporting the weight of multiple Mason jars filled with honey.

Construction Steps:

mason jar 2
  1. Plywood Preparation: I started by painting a piece of thick plywood, though in hindsight, painting post-construction might have been better.
  2. Jar Placement: I then marked and drilled holes for the jars, ensuring enough space between them for easy unscrewing.
  3. Securing Lids: Instead of merely placing the jars into the holes, I decided to screw the lids onto the base for a firmer hold. This would prevent the jars from moving when the bees are at work.
  4. Assembly: After drilling the holes, I glued and nailed the lids in place. I also caulked around the outside to prevent bees from entering this modified hive section.
  5. Jar Installation: Finally, I screwed in tiny wood screws at the top and sides of each lid for a secure fit. This step was crucial to avoid gaps that might invite pests like hive beetles.

Final Setup and Expectation:

The jars were then carefully screwed onto the secured lids. To protect the setup and allow for regular hive operations, I planned to enclose this system with a super and cover it.
This DIY Mason Jar Honey Harvesting System is a testament to the innovative spirit in beekeeping. It’s a practical and visually fascinating way to collect honey. Not only does it simplify the harvesting process, but it also provides a unique view of the bees at work. In a few weeks, I’ll check back to see the progress and success of this experiment.

jars of honey

This technique could revolutionize small-scale honey production, offering a more direct and engaging way to harvest. It highlights the potential for creative approaches in traditional practices, proving that even well-established methods like beekeeping have room for innovative enhancements.

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