Why Gardeners Place a Clove of Garlic on Orchids: Unveiling the Mystery

If you think that garlic can only be used in cooking, you are wrong. In fact, thanks to its numerous properties, it can also be useful in gardening. In fact, if you put a single clove of garlic on orchids, you will get a truly miraculous result: let’s find out..

Garlic is a product with many properties, which is why it can help us in gardening. Not everyone knows that this fantastic food can give us really great results in our plants, specifically, in our orchids.< They are plants of extraordinary beauty, in fact, they give the environment in which they are found a touch of elegance and refinement. But not everyone knows that a clove of garlic will make them grow better.

Healthy, Thriving Orchids: This Is How It’s Done

Orchids are native to the tropics, so they adapt easily to any environment, except in places that are too cold or too hot; in fact, they prefer mild temperatures, that is, from 18 to 28 degrees. Their aerial roots make them unmistakable but at the same time useful for their diet, since that is where they absorb all the nutrients.

Very often, we find them in homes or offices, since they give the place where they are located a touch of elegance and sophistication. Additionally, they exist in different colors. Growing them is not difficult, but you have to take some precautions for the sake of their growth.


For example, it would be better to place them on a windowsill, near a window, so that the sun’s rays do not fall directly on our orchids. As for their nutrition, they must be watered several times a day especially in spring and summer.

You should check its soil very often, in fact, if it is dry you should water it immediately, but it is not necessary if it is still wet. This operation would be best done in the morning. These are just some small precautions necessary for the health of the plant.

Actually, there is also another one. It is a completely natural remedy. All you need is a clove of garlic.< This food is not only useful for cooking, but also for gardening. In fact, thanks to its antibacterial properties, it can be very useful for our orchids: let’s find out how.


The garlic clove in orchids: what it is for

It is necessary to put into practice a simple natural remedy to promote the growth and correct development of the plant. You will need to prepare a garlic infusion. The reason? Due to its antibacterial action and its smell, you will be able to scare away all types of pests.

Preparing it is very quick and simple. You just have to take a 2-liter bottle and 4 cloves of garlic, clean and cut in two. First, fill the bottle and pour in the garlic. Let the infusion sit for at least a day.

As soon as it is ready, you can use it to water your orchids. You will immediately notice great improvements and there will be no trace of any pests.

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