How to plant kiwi in a pot – Step by step (easier than you think)

Whenever we hear the word kiwi, the image of exotic fruits, which were mostly bought in the store, comes to mind.

Will it be possible to grow them in colder regions since they originate from South Asia? Well yes, since hardy kiwis, also known as baby kiwis, can easily grow in much colder areas.

Baby kiwis are smaller than the kiwis typically found in stores.

The best way to enjoy fresh kiwis is to grow them yourself. Here you will find all the information about growing kiwis in pots.

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1. How to plant kiwis

It takes 3 to 5 years for a kiwi plant to bear fruit. You can multiply this plant from seeds or cuttings. Get the seeds at the nearest garden store or any online store. It is preferable to plant from cuttings, as better varieties can be planted this way.

Buy a potted plant from a garden store, as this will save the time it takes for the plant to grow from seeds or cuttings.

2. Choose a container

You can start by planting in an 18 to 20 inch container with drainage holes. If after a few years it has grown out of the container, you can move it to a larger one.

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3. Support

Kiwis need a solid support, as they can measure between 7 and 10 meters long and weigh a lot. They can climb up the side of a deck or install a strong lattice structure for adequate support.

4. Conditions for growing kiwis in a pot

Kiwis thrive in well-drained soil. If it is rich in organic matter, it will further promote the growth of the plant. The pH can vary from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. Clay soils are harmful and should be avoided.

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5. Location

It needs full sun to grow healthy. Place it in a location where it will receive maximum sunlight.

6. Temperature

In colder climates, it performs well in the temperature range of 40 – 60° F (4.44-15.56° C). In warmer regions, kiwis do best between 56 and 77 °F (13.33 and 25 °C). The plant may be affected or even die at a temperature below 29° F (-1.67° C).

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7. Irrigation

For plants to grow healthy, it is important to keep the soil moist, but do not overwater, as kiwis do not like too much water and the roots can also rot. Water daily, but avoid watering completely until the plants are established.

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