Where to Move Your Orchid When Autumn Approaches

As the temperatures start to drop in autumn, it’s essential to provide proper care and protection for delicate plants like orchids. Orchids are sensitive to sudden temperature changes, so finding the right location is crucial for their well-being. In this guide, we’ll explore suitable places to move your orchid when autumn arrives to ensure it thrives throughout the season.

  1. On the Veranda:
    • If you’ve been keeping your phalaenopsis orchid outdoors during the summer months, consider relocating it to the veranda as the temperatures begin to cool. Ensure it’s protected from intense sunlight. The veranda offers a compromise with moderate temperatures and bright indirect sunlight.
  2. On the Bathroom Windowsill:
    • Surprisingly, the bathroom can be an ideal environment for your orchid in autumn. Bathrooms often have higher humidity levels, which orchids love (above 70%). Additionally, the opaque glass in bathroom windows filters sunlight, providing perfect conditions for your plant.
  3. On a Shelf in the Kitchen:
    • The kitchen is another suitable location for your orchid in autumn due to its humidity, generated by cooking. Place the orchid on a high shelf to avoid direct exposure to cooking vapors. Ensure it still receives indirect sunlight, which is essential for its health during the colder months.
  4. On the Living Room Table:
    • If your living room maintains the right temperature conditions, it can host your orchid during the autumn months. Place the orchid on a table to receive natural light from windows or French doors. Avoid exposing it to excessively heated environments, as this can dry out the air and harm the plant.

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