How to Propagate Roses with a Water Glass: Blooming in a Few Days

Receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses can be a joy, but it’s disheartening when they wilt too quickly. To avoid this disappointment, why not try propagating roses? This can be easily done at home by cutting a rose from store-bought flowers or an existing plant. While there are various methods for propagating roses, one stands out as particularly effective—the water glass method. In addition to its well-known therapeutic properties, aloe vera serves as an excellent organic fertilizer and rooting agent. By using aloe vera gel, you can stimulate the rapid and healthy growth of rose cuttings.

Water Glass Method for Rose Propagation

To begin, cut the rose just below the flower using scissors. Measure five nodes down the stem and make a diagonal cut below the fifth node. The angled incision improves the plant’s rooting ability compared to a conventional straight cut. Next, extract the pulp from an aloe vera leaf, cutting both ends and carefully slicing through the center to collect all the pulp.

Use an immersion blender to mix the pulp until smooth, then pour it into a glass. Submerge the first rose cutting in the pulp and let it rest for five days. Afterward, plant the cutting in high-quality peat. Don’t discard the remaining juice; you can use it as a spray.

Other Methods for Propagating Roses

Another method involves combining a rose cutting with an aloe vera cutting. After trimming the top and bottom, place the rose cutting directly into the aloe vera cutting. In a jar, create a layer of expanded clay and soil. Place the cutting inside, covering it with more soil, leaving only the top of the aloe vera cutting visible. The aloe vera acts as a container, preventing the medium from absorbing too much gel liquid surrounding the cutting, thus promoting root growth. In a few weeks, new shoots should emerge. To keep the cutting hydrated, use a spray bottle filled with water.

For propagating roses using a plastic bottle, cut it in half and create small holes in the bottom with a punch. Mix high-quality expanded clay and peat, and fill the bottle halfway. After generously spraying it, let the mixture drain slightly. Take a cutting with at least 3 or 4 buds, and remove most of the leaves using pruning shears. Insert the cutting into the soil and cover it with the other half of the bottle to maintain a humid environment until roots develop. To ensure proper growth, keep the soil moderately moist, avoiding both excessive wetness and dryness. Place the cutting in a cool, shaded outdoor area, away from direct sunlight.

The Third and Best Method

The third and final method involves cleaning a small branch and placing it in a cut half-filled bottle of water. For added fragrance, add a few drops of essential oil to the water. After a week, the branch should start sprouting.

With these effective methods for propagating roses, you can enjoy an endless supply of these beautiful blooms, turning your home and garden into a rose paradise.

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